Helvetica Bold.TV is here to chart constellations of style, culture, design, socio-politics and beyond. We’re a petrie dish of ideas and concepts. A portal to novelty in the digital realm. We’re scanning known worlds for invisible ones, revisiting old routes in hopes of new connections…

Helvetica Bold started out as the lifestyle section of SwissRoots.org, a Swiss-based online community. With the dissolution of Swiss Roots, we opted to regenerate Helvetica Bold, drawing on it’s name for inspiration. For decades since it’s inception, the Helvetica font has acted as a talisman, energizing graphic contexts, lending clarity to concepts and exhibiting a great deal of versatility. This is how we’d like Helve+ica Bold.TV to function—and this is why Helve+ica Bold.TV WANTS YOU! We’re asking anyone who makes something —that can translate digitally— to make something with us and/or for us. Please send your project proposals or story ideas to projects@helveticabold.tv

Our intended audience is a global one made local by shared interests. Our scope is one that we hope constantly mutates. We’d like to surprise you–and ourselves.

In case you’re wondering about ‘Crow’: he’s our transmitter between this world and the next.


The Editors

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