Simone De Lorenzi of Swiss electro pop outfit, Fiji, chats with Helvetica Bold.

The name Fiji doesn’t exactly spring to mind the idea of a “Swiss Band” —but then again, what does? Fittingly, Fiji, a Bern based electro-pop outfit is an unexpected delight: catchy synth riffs, warm then glacial textures complexifying; a generous sense of play coupled with a haunting sense of drama. Downright sensual. Whiffs of Blondie, Les Rita Mitsouko, Goldfrapp hover– but always culminating in a musical bouquet all their own.
Three razor sharp albums under their belts, a rigorous tour schedule and a dynamic live show, it’s unlikely these glam-rock connoisseurs will remain Switzerland’s best kept secret for long. We caught up with Fiji’s frontwoman, Simone de Lorenzi, while she was in London, promoting their new album, Fun Factory.